Sri Lanka Tour
Gardens, Culture, Food & Adventure

After years of dreaming and months of planning ~ I have a big reveal ~ I will be hosting a 14 day tour of Sri Lanka with tour guide extraordinaire ,Indika Kumara from May 25 – June 7 this year! Imagine an authentic adventure through beautiful, exotic Sri Lanka. Enjoy immersing yourself in lush tropical gardens ,exploring ancient world heritage sites in the cultural triangle, train rides, elephant spotting, cooking classes, hikes through tea plantations with the opportunity to delve deep in to the world of Sri Lanka’s revered and celebrated architect Geoffrey Bawa, and so much more. All of this activity will be balanced out with our final days spent at the beach in the luxurious Tea Tree Villa, a private beach residence, where we can relax by the pool, enjoy delicious food cooked for us by TJ the chef or explore the surrounding areas including the Galle Fort, another UNESCO world heritage site. Come along for the ride, you don’t have to think of a single thing. We have got it covered, All you need to bring is your sense of adventure and an open mind(and clothes of course). We have curated a dream experience that you will never forget.

P.S. We are keeping this tour small and personal so we can enjoy the freedom and agility of travelling as a small group.