Beautiful Garden Designs in Brisbane

Welcome to My Verandah!
We are a boutique landscape architecture studio specialising in the creation of lush, subtropical
residential gardens; designed from the heart. We are passionate about creating beautiful gardens
which resonate with the environment, complement the architectural style of the home and reflect
the people who use and enjoy them.

A Personal, authentic approach.

At My Verandah, we believe gardens should enrich, invite and elevate. Residential gardens are a wonderful opportunity to enhance and maximise the potential for outdoor living spaces, which are an integral extension of homes in subtropical climates such as South East Queensland. My Verandah has a natural tendency to veer toward the design of the lush and layered, subtropical cool, retreat from the heat, style of gardens; working with each client to develop a unique design that is simply special, appropriate and beautiful.

During a consultation with My Verandah, you will meet with landscape architect, Johanna MacMinn. The process begins with a visit to your garden and conversation of your desired outcome. After the initial meeting; creative suggestions, guidance and advice, are offered. An encouraging and collaborative discussion takes place and a mood board is assembled, with ideas for your garden. Once Johanna has discussed initial ideas with you, a plan for your new garden can be designed and shared with a team of garden makers, to be built and brought to life.

Your perfect garden
My Verandah's design ethos is based on authenticity and intuition, gardens designed from the heart. Each garden is tailored to clients’ needs, desires and environment; ensuring every garden is as individual as those who will call it home. My Verandah’s studio is located in the Inner West of Brisbane. Johanna designs residential gardens throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney, sharing her enthusiasm for beautiful gardens, creative design and everything subtropical.

Call to discuss a beautiful new garden, unique to you. If you would like to know more about My Verandah, please call 0402 629 771 for a consultation, or via the contact page.

Gardens by My Verandah